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Reminder to the sentenced person on the payment of fines

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  • Last updated:2019-01-03
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Reminder to the sentenced person on the payment of fines

1. Payment of fines:

The fines must be paid within two months after the final verdict, Compulsory execution will be ordered if full payment hasn't been made within such period.

2. Petition for payment in installments

If the sentenced person afford to pay the fines in a lump sum, he or she may petition the prosecutor for paying the fines in installments within two months after the final verdict.

3. Approval of payment made in installments

After receiving the petition and considering the sentenced person's family and economic conditions, the prosecutor may approve the petition. The installments shall be less than eight, and the payment must be completed within the valid period if the valid time limitation is coming to an end soon. If the fines are less than NT$5,000 , they shall be paid in a lump sum.

4. Notification of approval

If the petition for payment in installment is approved, the prosecutor will notify the sentenced person by words or in writing about the date and amount of payment and the consequence of payment in arrears. If told by words, the clerk should record.

5. Paying installments by proxy

The spouse, a third-degree blood relative, and a second-degree marital relative of the sentenced person who is arrested on the wanted list, or detained may check with the prosecutor for the amount of fines and do the formalities for payment in installments.

6. Paying fines after office hours

After office hours or on holidays, this office will designate people to collect fines, A provisional receipt is given for conversion into a formal receipt during office hours.

7. Payment in installments is calculated on the month. If there is one month in arrears, the prosecutor may withdraw the approval and take compulsory execution or subject the sentenced person to hard labor.

8. The sentenced person on the wanted list who is arrested and allowed to pay fines in installments, but has failed to do so will be no longer qualified for petitioning for payment in installments if he or she is arrested or put on the wanted list again.


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