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1. Hsinchu City: divided into the Eastern, Northern and Hsiangshan districts, covering an area of 104.1 sq. km., and, by February 28, 2015, a population of 432,366.

2.    Hsinchu County: includes 13 rural and urban townships and cities (Chupei City, Kuantu, Hsinpu, and Chutung urban townships, and Hsinfeng, Hukou, Peipu, Paoshan, Omei, Chiunglin, Hengshan, Wufeng and Chienshih rural townships), covering an area of 1,427.6 sq. km., and with a population of 500,595 as of February 28, 2015.

 Special features of the area under the office's jurisdiction:

The jurisdictional area of this office includes Hsinchu County and City. It is a vast region with mountains and hills. Hsinchu City, located on the flat land, is the main metropolis. The other townships and cities are distributed along the western seaboard and in the hill and valley areas in the east. Residents are mostly engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing; it is mainly an agricultural society.  Compared to the metropolitan areas, the area is safer. In addition to a minority of indigenous people , the main ethnic group is the Hakka. Of the remainder, the Minnan people are the majority. Residents are thrifty, hardworking, and law-abiding; therefore, there are few major criminal cases.

The Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park has developed rapidly in recent years. The Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Tsinghua University, National Chiao Tung University, Chunghwa University, Hsuan Chuang University, Minghsin Institute of Technology, and Ta Hwa Institute of Technology are within the office's jurisdiction. Their equipment and resources are complementary, and they benefit from association with each other, building the area into a city of technology.





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