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Introduction to the prosecutor's activities

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  • Last updated:2019-08-30
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Introduction to the prosecutor's activities
The following table lists the procedure for applications to the "Serving the People" service centers. It also lists the windows where victims of major criminal cases may lodge complaints. The P.O. Box address for lodging a complaint is Hsinchu P.O. Box 696, and the telephone number is 03-522-2051.Your inquiries are welcome.

To make it easier for residents to receive bail, the Prosecutors' Office at the Hsinchu District Court is implementing the following measures:

(i)           Direct transfer of bail money to the guarantor's bank account: when a guarantor has been informed that they should post bail, they shall provide a photocopy of the cover of their post or bank book together with a completed "Transfer of Returned Bail" form. Once a case is closed, the secretary in charge shall inform the guarantor via telephone that the bail money will be transferred directly to the bank account provided by the guarantor, to save the guarantor a visit to the office.


(ii)         Transfer of bail money at evening time or on holidays: if a guarantor has not provided a bank account to which bail money can be returned, and is unable to visit the office during work hours, they may contact our cashier department (Ph: 03-525 4102, ext. 240) to arrange for pick-up during evening time or holidays, in which case we will arrange for assistance by the judicial police office.



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