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Organ organizationThis administration is under the jurisdiction of the procuratorial work administration of high court of Taiwan , the main execution in order to prosecute the crime and command criminal judgment and ruling of task, use to safeguard the social security, the ones that ensured people's life , freedom , property are safe. This administration puts one chief procurator, director's public procurator, public procurator, procuratorial work affairs officer, several every of France doctor(inspector)s, set up the secretariat , temple in the first class unit of partial to people's room , personnel office , accounting office , statistics room , policy wind room , information rooming etc., set up five subjects and bailiff's rooms , such as writing down , carrying out , document , research examining , general affairs ,etc. under the secretariat. In addition, the chief procurators of this administration combine and supervise the detention house of Hsinchu of Taiwan in accordance with the law.


It is primary work of the procuratorial organ to prosecute the crime and command the execution of criminal judgment and ruling, unless it is in recent years administration increase case , working load the Shens is the serious,only colleague not all can grams of duty of trying best, follow higher authorities' instructions and handle all kinds of cases actively, by strengthening and examining and stamping out corruption to show disrespect on particularly, carry out and sweep the black work, investigate and seize the drugs sternly, check in an all-round way that examines electing through bribery, detect and do the great criminal case , prevent and cure children and teenager's engaged inning trading activity , protecting the intelligence proprietary , banning economy and computer network crime etc. rapidly, expect to correct the policy wind, clarify the administration of local officials; Purify and elect the atmosphere, establish the democratic politics foundation ; Make compatriots exempt and receive the danger of the drugs again; And then guarantee that people's life , freedom , property are safe. Inherit and carry out the policy that the little crime does not cite again, strengthen and advise and stop and bring a case to court, in order to dredge and reduce and bring a case to court in the source ; Abide by the cautious sound of principles that please detain, in order to ensure human rights; Strengthen the view and protect too in addition , regeneration protection and crime injured party protect the business, make the person who steps net of justice by mistake can be moved and is good at living again, the crime victim lighten the wound , rebestir ; Implement the service policy for the people, strengthen the people confidence to the procuratorial organ.



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