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Guidance to the use of the accusation bell

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  • Last updated:2019-01-03
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Guidance to the use of the accusation bell

1. Purpose of the bell

The bell is installed for the convenience of the people to make an oral complaint, to expose a crime, or to surrender to justice at any time.

2. Location of the bell

The bell is installed at the office marked as "Accusation Bell," which is managed by bailiff police who will show people how to use it.

3. Procedure after pushing the bell

If anyone wants to make an oral complaint or surrender to justice, after pushing the bell, a bailiff will immediately ask you to patiently wait for an interrogation by a prosecutor leading his or her clerk, who will make an official record according to law. Before the record is made, you must not leave without permission.

4. Time for making a complaint

In principle, the complaint is limited to office hours, but it does not apply to emergent cases.

5. Confidentiality of the complaint

The prosecutor may keep secret of the complainant's name and the content of the complaint if demanded. When the complaint is found to be fabricated, the complainant will be punished according to law.

6. Regulations to be followed in making a complaint

A person coming to the prosecutors,office to make a complaint, to make an impeachment or to surrender to justice should bring his or her ID card. It's necessary to make sure the name and address of the defendant are correct to faciliate the prosecutor for summoning at a late date


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