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A Brief Introduction of Service Center

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A Brief Introduction of Service Center

Address: No. 136,Chung Chen Road, Hsinchu , Taiwan.

Website: http://www.scc.moj.gov.tw

Telephone: (035)254102(switch board)

Printed by Hsinchu District Prosecutors' Office

To rectify judicial discipline, maintain judicial dignity, prevent unlawful practice, establish clean and honest government, we provide the following information. (If anyone asks you to pay extra fees other than normal required ones, he or she is definitely a judicial broker. Please impeach to the Department of Government Ethics of our Prosecutors' office.)

Impeachment Telephone: (035)2556061

Impeachment P.O. Box: Hsinchu P.O. Box135

E-mail :sccn@mail.moj.gov.tw

Telephone for litigation assistance :( 035)254102

Service hours

08:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. (closed on holidays)

Subjects of service:

The public

Victims and their relatives (For enquiry about a case, ID is required)

Service Counters:

1. Application Counter: Receiving victims ' petitions or mails

2. Payment Slip Counter : Issuing duplicate payment slip for required fees (bail, loot) and changing a provisional receipt to a official one.

3. Revenue Counter : Paying the fees according to the slips got from Counter no.2

4. Refund counter: Returning the bail and paying the conduct money to witnesses

5. Report Counter for parole: A paroled person has to report to the prosecutors’ office in the district of his or her residence within 24hours.

6. Probation Consultation counter : When a person paroled from custody completes the report procedure at the report counter, the probation officer will immediately tell him or her the regulations he or she has to follow, and provide psychological consultations.

7. Litigation Assistance Counter:

* Replying to questions about criminal procedure (including the procedure to apply to the prosecutor for appealing the case)

*Helping a litigant or persons involved understand the procedure of litigation.

* Assisting persons of surrender to justice, persons who voluntarily submit, and the use of the accusation bell.

* Assisting with the report on availability, filing an application, and requesting for subpoena or postponement.

*Assisting with the procedures of bailing; fulfilling the obligation by the party who bails out a criminal; petition for an end of detention, removing the name from the wanted list, and lifting the ban of arrival and departure of the country.

*Assisting with the payment of bails and fines.

*ssisting with applying for suspending or delaying the execution, converting the imprisonment into fines, paying fines with installment and converting fines into imprisonment.

*Assisting with the return of bails, loots, evidence and conduct money for witnesses or expert witnesses.

*Assisting with the obtaining of prosecutorial documents, certificate for the conclusion of a case, and other documents.

*Replying to enquiries on the progress of reconsideration, investigation, and other matters

* Writing or making a copy of routine petition without the reasons free of charge on behalf of the applicants.

*Providing legal assistance to common people. As for questions on legal affairs, please consult the Bar Association which provides legal assistance to common people.

*Accepting telephone petitions on the following matters:

1. Reissuing the statement of prosecution, statement of non-prosecution, and statement of prosecutor's probation

2. Issuing a certificate of autopsy

3. Issuing a certificate of the conclusion of a case

4. Issuing a certificate on the completion of execution

5. Petition for return of bail, loot or evidence

*Supplying free copies for the following forms, including routine forms, petition forms, and application forms for compensation of victims

1. Certificate of Appointment

2. Petition for transferring a case to the court for trial with another case together

3. Petition for summoning a witness or an expert witness.

4. Petition for a change of the date of appearance

5. Petition for reconsideration

6. Petition for withdrawal of the reconsideration

7. Petition for withdrawal of a complaint

8. Petition for filing an appeal by the prosecutor

9. Petition for repealing a wanted order

10. Petition for a reply to a request on the progress of a case

11. Petition for a transfer of jurisdiction

12. Petition for a change of destination in the delivery of message

13. Petition for delivering a document

14. Petition for additional copies of prosecutorial documents

15. Petition for lifting departure restrictions

16. Petition for returning the bails

17. Petition for returning the evidence or other articles withheld

18. Petition for converting imprisonment into fines

19. Petition for the payment of fines in installments

20. Petition for converting the unfulfilled part of a sentence into fines

21. Petition for combining all the sentences to execute

22. Petition for executing a sentence of imprisonment

23. Petition for suspension or postponement of the execution of a sentence

24. Petition for entrusting the other prosecutors ' office to execute a sentence

25. Petition for a certificate on the conclusion of a case

26. Petition for a certificate on the completion of the execution of a sentence

27. Petition for a certificate of autopsy

28. Petition for reporting by written statement instead of appearance for a person under probation

29. Petition for an overseas trip by a person under probation

30. Petition for a change of residence by a person under probation

31. Petition for extended report by a person under probation

32. Petition for leaving a designated location by a person under probation

33. Petition of legal assistance by a common person

34. Document of Appointment

35. Document of Reconciliation

36. Document of Repentance

37. Petition for compensation for the victim of a crime

38. Petition for reconsideration on compensation for the victim of a crime

39. Petition for temporary compensation

* Other items of service rendered by this office

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Website : http://www.gov.tw/

The Ministry of Justice of The Republic of China

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Taiwan Hsinchu District Prosecutors Public Office

Web site: http://www.scc.moj.gov.tw


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